Strewn across the ground
like shards of brick and glass
that litter the streets over there,
my heart is shattered.

Pummeled and gored,
bluest black and blackest blue
from vengeful fists and feet punting rage
my spirit is bruised.

Engulfed in fiery hatred
and desolation upon arriving at a dead end
angry faces chanting
and my soul is burned to ash, as if it were nothing.

Our children are watching
as we decimate our future
with the demand for satisfaction
of a long-lost right.

“Sane people from both sides, unite.”


Weird disclaimer: I recently found this in my email inbox. I had mailed it to myself when I became over-saturated with the news of violence in Israel and Palestine in the summer of 2014. I’m still not totally sure I wrote it, so let me know if you have seen in somewhere else and I will take it down.


~ by ettaqueen on January 5, 2015.

4 Responses to “Shattered”

  1. wowww just amazing 😦 youre not sure if u wrote it?!? lol! if u did, its incredible

  2. Powerful imagery, either way. Thanks for sharing.

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