It Really Is That Simple—One

I have a friend who always calls
When she’s cooking,
Worried that the bread wont rise
Or the squash is too dry
Or the milk went bad when she
Stopped at the bank
On her way home
From the store.

At this point
We’ve known each other long enough
She has to know what I’m going to say
But she calls because she needs someone
To slap some sense
Into her anxious spirit.

So I laugh the tremble of fear in her voice
Straight back into the dark hole it came from
And tell her
“It’s fine. Drink the milk. I love you. Good-bye.”
And she hangs up to enjoy
Her afternoon coffee
Shaking her head and
Telling herself
“I knew it! I knew I was right.”


~ by ettaqueen on January 18, 2012.

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