The ancients theorized
That humans were once eight legged beings.
Two faces housed one soul, atop the body of
A hairy, terrestrial octopus.
The Gods, fearful of all that power,
Sliced our kind in two and then
Left us to wander,
Stumbling and alone.

It seems that people
Have lost this story.
My loneliness is cut short
When reassuring eyes with
Sympathetic smiles pat me on the head
And tell me that
One day I’ll meet someone
When I least expect it.

I hate that.
I’ll never not expect it.
What kind of life would that be to live-
Always missing part of myself and
Hanging onto the hope that I wont ever find it?

A cephalopod,
Missing half her limbs,
Sitting on the sandbar all day
Admiring the starfish and snails
For their beautiful independence
And dreaming.


~ by ettaqueen on April 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Octopus”

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  2. brilliant writing…

    Invite you to join poets rally today,
    Visit me and add your entry via linkz, have fun making new poetic friends.
    Bless you.
    Enjoy a graceful weekend.

  3. This a beautiful and thought-provoking poem – I love the imagery and flow of the lines 🙂

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