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I’ve been in love before and
This is nothing like that.
Love was tumultuous, tempestuous
It made me want to cry.
No, no, no.
This thing that we have going on
Is not like that at all.

The tightness in my heart that love provided
Is replaced with the
Butterflies in my stomach
And the ache I get in my cheeks from smiling
When I think about the way
You lose your temper over little things.
Stillness and silence
Were never my strong points, but
You bring that out in me.
I listen,
Which never happens.

As you knead the bread, dough wedges between your fingers
With the same stickiness our bodies share under the covers in my bed.
I run my fingers across your back and down your arms
And marvel at the way
Your hands always seem so sure of
What to do and
Where to go.

Love demands constant attention
And eats up my time
As if nothing else matters.
But this is slow,
So not a big deal.
Instead of feeling feverish
I feel pleasantly warm,
Like sunshine on a cool spring day.

Love made me doubt myself.
It made my hair bigger and
My shirts tighter
And I didn’t make as many jokes.
But this,
This makes me beautiful.
Being scared of myself doesn’t make sense
When I see excitement and assurance on your face.
What kind of person would I be
If I didn’t trust that you are right?

I’ve been in love before
And this is nothing like that.
This isn’t love;
It’s obvious.


~ by ettaqueen on March 7, 2011.

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