Walking to Work

There must have been something
In the water last week
That inspired my neighbors
To blatantly defy old winter rituals
And greet the sun with
A proper solute.
At least that’s what I thought
When I saw two garbage men,
Driving their trucks
In opposite directions,
Ignore the morning traffic and
Stop to shake hands
And exchange news.
The woman in the silver jeep
Was not amused,
But I smiled and continued on my
Merry way.

Just one block down from there,
A young boy leaned into a fresh mound of snow,
So clean, so white.
He dragged his entire body
Through the pile
For at least fifteen feet,
His eyes closed,
While his mother screamed at him.
“In five minutes you’re going to be
crying that you’re cold and wet,”
She bellowed.

I was worried,
But he knew
He had no other choice.


~ by ettaqueen on February 13, 2011.

One Response to “Walking to Work”

  1. love the you being concerned but also understanding.
    loooooooooove the last line.
    love you.

    reminds me of this calvin and hobbes strip where calvin and hobbes are sledding downhill and calvin says somthing like “in the short run, i want to play outside all day in the snow. in the long run, i know it would be better to do my homework, get good grades, and do well in school. but in the longer run, i know which will make better memories”

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