I saw God in the clouds today.

Rays of light, dragged down by the sunset,
Burst above cotton ball puffs
In one last triumph.

I imagine it sounds something like
My elementary school
After the final bell
On the last day of class—
The Angels sing in laughter
And a stampede of children’s feet on the blacktop.

A robin and a groundhog
Foraged side by side in the clover field
Together and alone.
The simple act of survival
United them for a brief moment before my brakes squealed
And they went their separate ways,
One up, one down.

Last week
I ambled past the field where I used to run sprints
For my middle school track team.
The lightning bugs leaped hurdles
Surprising the darkness with a neon flash
Before slipping back into obscurity.

My niece,
Whose chaotic mind has been ordered by a tiny little pill,
Lines all the lawn chairs up on the back porch.
She chooses one and sits,
Letting her feet dangle to and fro in the summer wind.
Throwing back her head she triumphantly exclaims
“Now this is the life!”

With that all-knowing smile
Nods his head in agreement
From the empty chair at her side.


~ by ettaqueen on January 2, 2011.

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