A Few Love Poems for a Wednesday in December

Only One

While other lovers may
Produce a list of reasons for your love
That is more numerous
Than the stars,

I have only one:
You and I


A More Natural Simile

Like a turtle who waits for
The warmth of the sun
Before he comes out of his shell,
Or a flower that blooms
Only after the winter has come and gone,

My heart opens every time I see you smile.


The Important Things About You

It is easy to say I love you
for your lips,
Your pleasant smell, or
The way your back slopes gently like the hills.
It is not so easy to say I love
Your short temper or
Your breath in the morning.

Yet I am writing it in this poem all the same.


That is What I Want

High in a tree
In Olmsted Park
A hawk is waiting on one foot.
Steady eyes are always watching,
Its regal feathers are whipping playfully in the wind
Making a mockery of the gray sky
And the rush hour traffic.

That is what I want to be:
A fearless hunter
keeping one foot warm
to snatch you up
as soon as you come home.


~ by ettaqueen on December 29, 2010.

One Response to “A Few Love Poems for a Wednesday in December”

  1. I just started reading all this stuff. It’s awesome, but I’m only going to read a little at a time because I want to have something of yours to read when I’m lonely.

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