What do I remember of that summer?

A collection of glasses on the nightstand, impossible hills, the house
where my family will one day live and
a picture that says “A fun way to travel with new friends.”

Apologies falling off my tongue
I’m learning about responsibility
As if the skill of keeping people close
could be practiced and honed by
owning a gerbil.

Hundreds of glossy paper clippings and bits of imagination littered the floor in the Afternoon shade
And she said “I made this for you.”
It was a fact and nothing more.

The way my skin felt when he put his lips on my stomach,
Like honey and liberation
And being surprised.

Waking with the sun and sleeping through the rain,
Giant jars of lentil soup and twenty cups of lemonade,
And watching the moon watching people on a cruise ship
All the way in Alaska.

The calluses on my fingertips, the tan lines on my feet and the scars that freckle my body Suggest that I have survived to tell the tale,
That I am an explorer
Whose amble across these uncharted lands produced
Worn shoes and
An empty leather sack.

This is what I remember:
Never being lost
Still managing to find
My way home.


~ by ettaqueen on December 26, 2010.

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