A Formula for Calculating Density

Long ago,
One of our hominid ancestors
May have noticed a log drifting
On the river near his home.

The tree,
Wrested from the soil by a summer storm,
Dipped below the surface of the churning water
And then reappeared,
Bumping and bobbing with the current as it was pulled downstream.

For man,
A careful and industrious observer,
This blatant act of defiance
Sparked a question
Now answered with every cruise liner
That sails in the Pacific Ocean.

For the tree,
As we all well know,
It was not defiance at all,
But rather a reality
Of physical state.

Too often we wrestle with the concept of God,
As if it is a problem,
some puzzle
Or a riddle to be solved.
Too many times
I have waited for an answer that I already knew.

Even now, having learned long ago
that wood floats,
I wonder if you love me still,
And I tie these weighted questions
One by one by one
Onto my sinking heart.

Instead I should stick with this simple truth:
A buoyant object on the ocean floor is
An impossibility.


~ by ettaqueen on December 26, 2010.

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